iTunes Resources: iTunes Music Storage While On Campus

C Drive

 If you choose to store your iTunes music files on the C: drive of your residence hall computer, please remember that you are responsible for backing up your music collection to CDs or another portable device.



Computer maintenance performed during the Academic year may require reformatting the C: drive of your residence hall computer. If this maintenance occurs, Information Technology will not back up nor restore your music. In addition, all University-owned computers are reformatted each summer, so you must back up your music files before you leave campus in May.

H Drive

Storing your music (and/or video files) on the H: drive,  depending on the number of music/video files you have, can fill up your H drive and make saving academic files difficult. 

Additional instructions are provided on how to move your iTunes library to the C drive.

For additional iTunes information, see the iTunes Resources computer help page.

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