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Kayla Borchers '16

Please say some prayers for a few family members of mine as they embark on some long roads to recovery or are awaiting treatment so they can get back to their new bundles of joy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
This Student record was created 15-Apr-14 03:23 PM.

Ashley Matthew

Please pray for my cousin, Meghann. She is having thyroid issues and will be going to the doctor on Monday. Pray that the doctors can determine what is wrong exactly so my cousin can finally get some answers and the right medical treatment.
This Student record was created 09-Apr-14 09:41 PM.

Rachel Kinnett '15

Hey all! I just got word today that my worship leader from my home church is having an emergency C-section on Saturday because she developed preclampsia. (development of high blood pressure during 2nd or 3rd trimester) She has type 1 diabetes and it is a miracle that she is pregnant. She is 35 weeks along and has already had complications but for the most part its been a pretty good pregnancy. Please pray for everything to go well with delivery and that there won't be any complications! Thank you!
This Student record was created 27-Mar-14 04:29 PM.

Heather Calland '17

I would like to update you on Nate Grafton he is out of coma and recognized his parents but needs prayer still for the broken bones in his face. Thanks
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Michael Hitchcock '16

I have been dealing with unexplained back pain for roughly about two years and at this moment in time there is no discernible way to fix my problem. I just ask that you pray that we may find an answer in this healing process to end my back pain. As it stands right now, it has tremendously impacted my school, I pray that God would open the door to what he has a store in my life and what he's trying to teach me through this process. Please pray that this will be revealed.
This Student record was created 26-Mar-14 08:09 PM.