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Deb Brown

Mo Anna King of King Painting (She has worked for us all over campus) has a daughter, whose brain tumor had been misdiagnosed. They just found out her condition is grave. She is also the mother of 2 small boys. Mo (and her family) would very much appreciate your prayers.
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Michael Searles

This past week my sister was spending time with her boyfriend and his family when his grandparents prayed for dinner and talked about what they were thankful for. He is not saved and took this as being preached at. It took my sister a little off guard cause he had seemed to be opening up to the topic. Pray that God would work in his life and show him how much he needs Christ.
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Kyle Myers '15

This past weekend a couple that I am close with lost their baby. She was pretty far along and this is obviously very hard for them. Please be in prayer for them as they work through this terrible situation. Also pray for their family and friends as they work through it as well.
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