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andrea bell '15

My cousin passed away last night, he turned away from the Lord as a teen got involved in the worldly things and all sin and devastation that goes with that. Please remember the family.
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Tyler Dix '15

My aunt has just been diagnosed with cancer, after going in to get a 6 inch cyst taken out. We are waiting on pathology, and hoping it will only come back as stage 2, and not stage 3 or 4. This is a very hard time for her and her husband, as they have just adopted two newborns, and they are under 2 months old. Prayers for recovery, and for the family to figure out how to care for her and her two new children. Thanks
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Ashley Matthew

Please continue to pray for my cousin, Meghann who has been having thyroid issues. The update on her is that she has been to see the doctor and next week, they will be checking for lumps on her neck with a sonogram. Also, please keep my other cousin, Erica in your prayers. She had a series of seizures over the weekend and hit her head hard. She is out of the hospital now but her speech isn't very good and she's having trouble walking. She's in pain and had an MRI done while in the hospital but I don't know anymore than that other than she will be going to therapy for her speech and walking issues.
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Kayla Borchers '16

Please say some prayers for a few family members of mine as they embark on some long roads to recovery or are awaiting treatment so they can get back to their new bundles of joy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
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Ashley Matthew

Please pray for my cousin, Meghann. She is having thyroid issues and will be going to the doctor on Monday. Pray that the doctors can determine what is wrong exactly so my cousin can finally get some answers and the right medical treatment.
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