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Tom Whitehead

My wife, Paulletta, will start five weeks of daily radiation treatments for her cancer. She will start tomorrow morning August 27th.
This Faculty record was created 26-Aug-14 08:37 PM.

Shannon Crenshaw '17

A friend, Josh, high school senior, recently had a brain tumor removed. He's been trying to heal but like a lot of surgeries there have been complications limiting this. He's stayed in good spirits for the most part but is in pain. Prayer for him and his family is greatly needed right now.
This Student record was created 26-Aug-14 05:18 PM.

Jennilee Allen '15

An adult friend of mine who I babysit for just found out that her mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is undergoing her initial consult, and it is currently thought that the cancer was found early. Please pray for my friend, Tiffany, and for her mom and the rest of the family. I believe Tiffany is a Christian, but I am uncertain about the rest of her family.
This Student record was created 26-Aug-14 04:13 PM.

Kari Morris '16

Over the weekend, my roommate Priya Maithel was in a longboarding accident and fractured her tibia and fibula. She is going to be off-campus for the next few weeks while she has surgery to correct the issue. Please pray her leg heals quickly after the treatment and she'll be able to catch up in her classes when she returns to campus. Thanks!
This Student record was created 25-Aug-14 06:41 PM.

Alyssa Cook

I just found out that my friend Laura died this morning. I don't know much other than she was having trouble breathing. Please pray for her fiance Burt and her mother and younger sister Leslie. Thanks!
This Student record was created 25-Aug-14 11:50 AM.

Charla Doucette

My sister has been struggling with 2 sites of cancer and just received news that her cancer has moved to a third location. My sister is in severe pain, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. My mother and brother (who are both in remission from cancer) are also struggling emotionally and physically while an additional brother has recently had an MI and pneumonia. We are all in need of prayer but especially my sister. Please pray for her pain to ease and for her to feel God's comfort.
This Student record was created 14-Aug-14 09:14 PM.