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Hannah Sarrazine '20

My little sister's best friend, who is also like a little sister to me has been struggling with suicidal thoughts for the last few months after going through a really difficult trial. Since then, we have grown very close. I have been talking to her with spiritual advice and prayer, trying to help her in her healing journey. Today, her little sister texted me and told me that she is missing. I figured it was a miscommunication and she was fine, but now she has been missing for over 24 hours and there is an amber alert out for her. Her 16th birthday is tomorrow and she still isn't home. They believe she is in danger. My whole community is coming together to make flyers/posters and trying to find her. Nobody knows where she is. Please pray that she is safe. She is like my little sister and means so much to me. My own little sister is so upset at the thought of losing her best friend. Thank you so much. UPDATE: After 48 hours of being missing, Emma has been FOUND. A stranger saw her and a shared post of her picture and messaged Emma's mother her location before it was too late. Praise the Lord she was found before she hurt herself. Continued prayers for her family.
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Hannah Sarrazine '20

Update on my little sister's best friend who was suicidal and missing- SHE HAS BEEN FOUND! After 48 hours missing, she is safe now and is on her way home. Thank you for the prayers.
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Krystal Null '19

Please pray for my dad, and my family. He has been in the hospital for a month and is in the intensive care unit for the second time this stay. He got a third kidney transplant and there have been complications. They found a serious infection on his leg and his abdominal area. The doctor also had to take his kidney out because it was bad too. My dad is hooked up to a lot of machines right now and does not know yet that they had to take the kidney out. He will be on dialysis for the rest of his life. Please pray that he can get through this and that he won't be completely devastated when he finds out. My mom has been at the hospital with him through it all. Please pray for their faith. Thank you!
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