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Heroic Slave Stories

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  • **Beatrice Kenner--the story of a black woman who began inventing things at age six (Story by Tiffany Howell, Links by Michaela Murray)
  • Elijah McCoy--a story about "the Real McCoy", one of the first African-American inventors (Story by Angie Goodwin)
  • Ethel Waters--a story about a black woman who was the Mother of jazz singing and rap music (Story by Rebecca K. Smith)
  • Fourth of July's Independence -- a story about Booker T. Washington (Story by Caron Hartkop)
  • **From a Salt Mine to the History Books--a story about Booker T. Washington (Story by Kathryn Larsen, Links by Stephen Kline)
  • Gaining More than Hair -- a story about Madame C.J. Walker (Story by Michelle Delaney)
  • George Washington Carver--a story about a one of the most famous black scientists ever (Story by Todd Pettee)
  • Timepiece of a Scientist--a story about Benjamin Banneker, a young black man who produced the first clock in the United States (Story by Jason O'Dell)

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