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Investing in the future

  We look forward to hosting guests from Pursue Scholars on campus June 20 and 21. Cedarville graduate, Kevin Gwin, the Executive Director will speak at two informational meetings. Monday at 3:30PM and Tuesday at 9AM. In these one hour sessions,... continue »

New Englanders

Seth had an old junk 1977 Suzuki 440. It really was a junker. It didn’t run, but like a fish seeing a shiny new object I was caught hook line and sinker and so began my odyssey with 2 wheeled motorized vehicles. That was 20 years and 6 ... continue »

From academics to athletics, daily chapel to student life, everything at Cedarville University is built on biblical truth. And, our commitment to diversity is no exception. Using the Word of God as our foundation, we uphold the pattern of diversity God established thousands of years ago — laid out for us in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation.

It started with Creation, when God spoke humankind into existence and demonstrated His intention and divine order (Gen. 1:27). From the beginning, God created man in His image. He declared all people — regardless of race, gender, physical ability, or socioeconomic class — equally valuable (Gen. 9:6, 2 Cor. 3:18). It’s clear that God delights in the rich tapestry of diversity.

Unfortunately, man’s sin caused a breakdown in human relationships (Isa. 10:1–2, Amos 5:10–15). But, through the death of His son, Jesus Christ, God brought redemption and reconciliation.

There is no hierarchy of value within the body of believers; we are all equal in Christ (Mark 16:15, Acts 10:27–28, Gal. 2:6–14). God calls us to love all people, to greet strangers, to help those in need, and to treat others as we would like to be treated (Ps. 82:3, John 13:34–35, Eph. 4:1–6).

All of this will culminate in heaven, where the family of God ― people from every nation, tribe, people, and language — will worship together for eternity (Rev. 5:9–10).