Two male art students consider a piece of art with their professor.

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  • Christ-Centered Focus
    Through inspiring daily chapels, our one-of-a-kind Bible minor, worldwide ministry opportunities, and a biblical perspective in the classroom, you’ll benefit from a distinctly Christ-centered experience.
  • Biblical Integration
    We believe incorporating Scripture throughout your coursework is key to a strong program. Our highly qualified faculty are intentional about encouraging you to be salt and light and influence your culture for Christ.
  • Program Breadth
    Recognized by U.S.News & World Report for its academic quality, Cedarville will provide you with a carefully balanced education. You will obtain a competitive degree, Bible minor, and strong background in the liberal arts.
  • Hands-On Opportunities
    At Cedarville, you will have numerous venues in which to showcase your work, from the “Art in the Open” exhibits to our annual juried art show. In addition, our art students are often recruited to design residence hall apparel, class T-shirts, and posters … and that’s just what they do on campus. Two Cedarville students were recently chosen to design elements for the Naples Zoo in Florida.
  • Degree-Specific Courses
    Cedarville’s rigorous coursework equals that of any school or college of art and design, with a strong base of traditional liberal arts course options. In addition, smaller classes mean students are given more personal attention and can pursue specific interests in upperlevel courses.
  • Real-World Experience
    Whether designing logos for a campus department, interning in your area of interest, or opening your own art studio, there are many opportunities to take your classroom knowledge into the real world. And you’ll do it all in our state-of-the-art graphic design labs and studios for drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics.
  • Stand-Out Students
    Cedarville’s graduates are sought after for their background in biblical teaching and ethics. That scriptural compass affects their work standards, their faith, and their stewardship of time and talent.
  • Competition Success
    Our art students have made a name for themselves in national competitions, including an award-winning magazine design entry and winners in the American Institute of Graphic Arts Student Portfolio Review.
  • Student Satisfaction
    In a recent national student satisfaction survey, Cedarville University was ranked #1 among all participating colleges for commitment to academic excellence, career services, computer labs, and more.
  • Career and Graduate School Opportunities
    As an art or design student at Cedarville, you will have the opportunity to join a growing list of graduates who have found outstanding success in entering graduate schools, obtaining teaching fellowships, and pursuing their career dreams.