Two male art students consider a piece of art with their professor.

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 One of the greatest advantages of a liberal arts education is the chance to radically expand your knowledge base and exposure to a world of ideas — a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So take advantage of it! Not only do all Cedarville students complete a minor in Bible, many will pursue other areas of interests and professional competencies while completing additional minors. And, this isn’t as difficult as you might think. Most students find that with adequate planning and help from their academic adviser, an additional minor or even two can be completed without delaying graduation. These additional programs look great on academic transcripts, can strengthen your resume, or simply enrich your life!

Can I Minor in Studio Art?

Yes! The studio art minor provides an opportunity for students with aptitude in the visual arts to receive formal instruction in art. In addition to skill-based instruction, special attention is given to building a philosophical and historical understanding of art from a scriptural perspective. It is suggested that students who minor in art begin the program no later than the sophomore year. Course requirements involve 17–18 semester hours including 15 hours of art core and 2–3 hours of an art elective.

Which minors are popular with Studio Art Majors?

The following are some popular minors the studio art major might consider:

  • Arts Administration
    Ideal for studio art, theater, or graphic design majors, students learn the business side of the art market while studying the operation of arts/nonprofit organizations.
  • Graphic Design
    The graphic design minor gives students who have an interest in the advertising and marketing aspects of art a foundational understanding of this important profession. The program includes course work in both manual and computer-assisted art.
  • Digital Photography
    The digital photography minor is a value-added program designed to provide students with artistic and professional digital photography and image-editing skills to produce creative, quality photographs and images that complement personal and professional goals.
  • Creative Writing
    The minor in creative writing is designed to enhance the student's abilities in various modes of writing.
  • Marketing
    The marketing minor enables non-business majors to delve deeply into the field of marketing, and thereby add a business context to their primary discipline. Of the five courses required for the minor, three are electives. This provides students with maximum flexibility in tailoring the program to their career objectives. The minor provides a solid foundation for any major that can be applied in the broad field of marketing and can significantly increase your competitiveness and effectiveness in the work place.
  • Entrepreneurship
    The entrepreneurship minor introduces students to the fundamentals of starting a business.