Transitioning to Visual Communication Design

Beginning with the Fall of 2015, the Graphic Design Major will be renamed to Visual Communication Design.

While more information about this change is coming soon, this guide is for students using catalogues 2014 and earlier who are navigating which courses to register for and how to adjust any plans they might have for completing the Creative Web Design Minor, which is affected by the new Interactive Design curriculum.

Here is a list of the original GDES courses matched with their new VCD codes:

GDES Code Previous name   VCD Code New Name
GDES-1150 Digital Image/Illustration VCD-1150 --Same
GDES-1220 Digital Image/Photography VCD-1100 --Same
GDES-1300 Gr. Des. for Non-majors VCD-1000 --Same
GDES-2120 Typography VCD-2200 --Same
GDES-2220 Graphic Design I VCD-2400 --Same
GDES-2600 Web Design VCD-2600 Web Design I
GDES-3110 Portfolio VCD-3200 Portfolio I
GDES-3120 Graphic Design II VCD-3400 --Same
GDES-3230 Production Design I VCD-3300 --Same
GDES-3600 Advanced Web Design* -- --
GDES-4120 Graphic Design III VCD-4400 --Same
GDES-4230 Production Design II VCD-4300 --Same
GDES-4600 Interactive Interface Design VCD-3700 UX/Interface Design
GDES-4610 Digital Portfolio VCD-4200 Portfolio II
GDES-4900 Graphic Design Internship VCD-4900 --Same
IDES-2000 Hist. & Inf. of Design VCD-2000 --Same
* GDES-3600 Advanced Web Design is no longer offered. Majors may take VCD-3700 User Experience and Interface Design or VCD-2700 Scripting for Interactivity instead. Please read the Interactive Web Design Course Planning Guide to help you decide what is best for you.