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Creative Web Design Minor Transition Guide

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If you’re using the 2014 Catalog or earlier for the Creative Web Design Minor you may complete it using the same courses—but with new course codes—or with other course substitutions as follows:

Previous Course New Course
ART-2250 Creative Photography Same**
GDES-1150 Dig. Image/Photography VCD-1100 Dig. Image/Photography**
GDES-1300 Graphic Design for Non-Majors
or GDES-2120 Graphic Design I
VCD-1300 Graphic Design for Non-Majors
or VCD-2120 Graphic Design I
GDES-2600 Web Design VCD-2600 Web Design I
GDES-3600 Advanced Web Design VCD-2700 Scripting for Interactivity
GDES-4600 Interactive Interface Design VCD-3700 UX/Interface Design
GDES-4610 Digital Portfolio VCD-4200 Portfolio II**

** These courses may use any of the following as substitutes assuming that any prerequisites are met: BRDM-2350 Intro Graph/TV & Film; BRDM-3611 Web Analytics; CS-1210 C++ Programming; VCD-3600 Web Design II; VCD-4600 Web Design III; PWID-4050 Designing Online Info I.

There are some additional things to consider in this transition based on your interests. Please read the Interactive Web Design Course Planning Guide to help you decide what is best for you.