J.R. Gilhooly

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J.R. Gilhooly, Ph.D.

Director of Honors Program, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology


Dr. John R. Gilhooly teaches philosophy and theology at Cedarville University and is Director of the Honors Program. 

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion and Historical Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • M.Th., University of Dallas
  • B.A. in Literature, Texas A&M University

Scholarly Works

  • 40 Questions About Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare (John R. Gilhooly) Faculty Books (2018)
  • Evil and a Selection of Its Theological Problems (Benjamin Arbour and John R. Gilhooly) Faculty Books (2017)
  • Angelology & Nonreductive Dualism (John R. Gilhooly) Philosophia Christi (2016)
  • Mixed-Race and Vagueness (John R. Gilhooly) Wesleyan Philosophical Society's National Meeting (2017)
  • The Mystery of the Trinity in Gregory of Nazianzus (John R. Gilhooly) Evangelical Philosophical Society’s 2016 Annual Meeting (2016)
View a listing of scholarly works in the Cedarville University Digital Commons »


  • Favorite places to visit: College Station, Texas
  • Hobbies: Science fiction, old books, woodworking
  • Why I’m at Cedarville: I wanted to be part of a faculty committed to teaching students to think deeply in light of our Christian confession and the biblical witness