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A Bible minor is the core of every Cedarville academic program. Always among our students' favorites, Bible classes stretch you to think about God, His Word, and His world in whole new ways.

  • The Bible and the Gospel will introduce you to the truth of how God demonstrated His great love for you through the death of Christ. You will be challenged to pursue a deep and growing relationship with Christ through personal, inductive study of God's Word. You will discover how memorizing and studying the Word of God will produce a spiritual maturity that can endure through the tests of life.
  • Old Testament Literature and New Testament Literature will make the Bible real as you explore chapters, stories, events, and literary forms as they fit together in God's redemptive story. This reinforces the model of interpreting and applying the Scripture learned in Spiritual Formation.
  • Theology 1 and 2 build on the biblical knowledge students have learned in their previous Bible classes. The goal now is to synthesize and systematize that knowledge as we seek to understand what God says about the great questions of the past and present. We are using the Bible as our foundation, but also learning from the great Christian theologians of the past.

These classes will challenge your thinking. More importantly, they will transform your living.