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Jeff HaymondThank you for your interest in Cedarville University's School of Business Administration (SBA). Our Christ-centered programs are preparing graduates for lifelong service and leadership. Let me share some specifics.

From our website, you can see that we have eight undergraduate programs as well as a Master of Business Administration program. What isn’t as apparent is that our faculty  members are both well-degreed and well-experienced. In addition to the significant academic credentials of our professors (doctorates, master’s degrees, CPAs, and Certified Financial Planners), they bring more than 250 years of business experience to the classroom.

Our students get practical experience as they master their respective programs. Many work with businesses to do consulting projects for class credit. Many also do internships in the summer or even during the school year. Successful experiences like these make our graduates very hirable. Indeed, they find themselves in graduate school or employed at a considerably higher rate than the national average. For the last five years, Cedarville graduates taking the CPA exam have passed at a rate either first or second amongst Ohio's 38 other colleges and universities, showing the sustained excellence of our students and faculty.

Our talented and dedicated faculty members are helping us “become the leader in biblical and innovative business education” — our vision. We give high priority to developing and placing the best-equipped business professionals. We are growing the SBA by hiring very highly qualified and experienced faculty, focusing on entrepreneurship, growing our M.B.A. program, and increasing our enrollment. We also are strengthening our external relationships with businesses and with other educational institutions, which pays dividends for our students and the quality of our teaching.

The Lord is working here at Cedarville, and we welcome you to join us. If you have further interest or questions, please contact me.

In Christ,

Jeffrey Haymond, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor of Economics
School of Business Administration