Jeffrey Haymond

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Jeffrey Haymond, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Business Administration; Professor of Economics


Dr. Jeff Haymond joined Cedarville University faculty in 2010 after a 29 year career in the United States Air Force. While in the Air Force, Colonel Haymond had assignments in engineering, satellite control and launch operations. He also taught at the United States Air Force Academy and was an Air Force Fellow at The Brookings Institution. His research has been published in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Public Choice, the Journal of Public Choice and Public Finance, and Strategic Studies Quarterly. His current research interests include economics and religion, as well as monetary theory.

Dr. Haymond has a passion for thinking Biblically and economically. He considers the integration of a Christian worldview in the broader society the most positive social policy possible. This passion brought him to Cedarville University, where he hopes to help the next generation of Christian leaders develop the ability to think critically with a distinctly Christian worldview.

Media Expertise

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D., George Mason University, Economics
  • MA, University of Denver, Economics
  • MS, University of Tennessee, Mechanical Engineering
  • BS, United States Air Force Academy, Aeronautical Engineering
  • Air War College
  • Certificate of Public Leadership, The Brookings Institution

Scholarly Works

  • No Free Lunch: Economics for a Fallen World (Second Edition, Revised) (Jeffrey E. Haymond) Faculty Books (2018)
  • Class Action Rent Extraction: Theory and Evidence of Legal Extortion (Jeffrey E. Haymond) Business Administration Faculty Publications (2010)
  • The Sanctification Process and Stewardship in Free Markets (Jeffrey E. Haymond) Journal of Markets & Morality (2017)
  • Common Grace and the Competitive Market System (Jeffrey E. Haymond) Journal of Markets and Morality (2016)
  • Christianity and the Supply Side (Jeffrey E. Haymond) Association of Private Enterprise Education (2017)
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  • His wonderful family, including his wife Jennifer and three kids
  • He is an old car nut with the nickname "restifier" because he enjoys the combination of restoring and modifying older classics
  • His car interests are increasingly interesting him in learning metal fabrication
  • He enjoys working out at the gym


USA-China War

Dr. Jeff Haymond discusses trade between the U.S. and China.

Are we in a Recession?

Dr. Jeff Haymond discusses the current state of the economy and answers questions about the possibility of a recession.