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Center for Biblical Integration

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The Center for Biblical Integration at Cedarville University promotes biblical integration throughout curriculum, teaching, and research for both the University and the evangelical community. The center strives to be a resource for integrative study, teaching, and service in drawing connections between a biblical and theological foundation, academic disciplines, and topics of life. The center also aids faculty members in their personal integration efforts in their classrooms, academic research, or professional field. We exist to serve as a resource to the faculty of Cedarville University; please feel free to contact us for answers to your integration questions and any other needed assistance.

Key Resources

  • A resource center for biblical integration located in BTS 248. Here faculty will find work space and pertinent source material that will assist them in developing their integration paper. The Interim Director for Biblical Integration will also be available to meet in the resource center to offer assistance to faculty in their research.
  • A select bibliography of key resources is available for developing a biblical/theological approach to integration. This is a listing of key books and articles that will offer ample guidance in thinking through the process of integration.
  • Integration papers written by Cedarville University faculty. These papers serve as models for faculty in the process of writing their own works on integration.