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A number of presentations have been linked here to assist faculty in understanding and applying the task of biblical integration in their research, writing, and teaching. Further resources will be linked as they become available.


Models for Biblical Integration, by Dr. Jason Lee

Powerpoint Presentation

Proposal for Biblical Integration, by Dr. Jason Lee

Powerpoint Presentation

The Process of Biblical Integration, by Dr. Jeremy Kimble

Powerpoint Presentation


"We Believe" Message Series, by Dr. Thomas White


Poverty of Nations

Full Session Videos


Dr. Joshua Kira | Truth, Knowledge and Revelation, Fall 2018

Dr. Kira will clarify the relationship between truth, knowledge, and revelation, focusing on how the concepts are used in theology and philosophy. Particularly, the lecture will aim to show the importance of how one approaches truth so as to possess knowledge, with an application to the knowledge of God.

Dr. Jeremy Kimble | Integration Paper Workshop, Spring 2018

In this video, Dr. Jeremy Kimble, Director of the Center for Biblical Integration and Assistant Professor of Theology, provides a training session to assist Cedarville University faculty working on their integration papers. This session covers what integration is, thinks through the integration paper process, and provides details as to what the handbook says on the integration paper requirements.

Mr. Sam Alberry | A Theology of the Body, Spring 2018

In this video Rev. Sam Allberry, Visiting Professor at Cedarville University, a global speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, editor for The Gospel Coalition, author of several apologetic’s books, and a pastor based in Maidenhead, UK, gives a lecture on “A Theology of the Body”. Sam writes, "Western culture is increasingly confused about our bodies: on one hand they’re seen as accidental and incidental; on the other they can quickly become the focus of our identity — we seem to be more invested in our image than ever before. But as we look at the biblical narrative we see good news. Creation, fall, and redemption all shed crucial light on what it means to be and have a body." This is a crucial topic effecting a number of our respective disciplines.

Dr. Jon Wood | Orbit and Axis, Fall 2017

Carl F. Henry on Revelation and Higher Education

In this video Dr. Jonathan A. Wood, Vice President for Student Life and Christian Ministries at Cedarville University, gives a lecture on theologian Carl F.H. Henry regarding his thoughts on general and special revelation, and how his views can be applied to Christian higher education.

Lecture Notes

Dr. Thomas Mach | Academic Development Session, Fall 2017

Biblical Integration and the Doctrine of Revelation

In this video Dr. Thomas Mach, Vice President for Academics at Cedarville University, gives a lecture dealing with the topics of general and special revelation and their relationship to biblical integration. Following this lecture there is a panel discussion to address further questions related to the topic.

Dr. Bruce Ashford | Biblical Integration, Spring 2017

Dr. Bruce Ashford is Provost and Professor of Theology and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In this lecture he addresses the relationship between nature and grace and the impact this relationship will have as it relates to higher education.

Lecture Notes

Dr. Thomas Mach - Biblical Integration Presentation, Fall 2016

Higher education experts predict that as many as half of the 4000 institutions of higher learning in America may fail in the next 15 years. Those institutions that seek to honor Christ need to provide a quality education that is distinctively biblical if they want to survive in this challenging environment. This paper presents the argument that Cedarville University's integration of faith and learning is distinctive primarily because of its view on the inerrancy of Scripture, its approach to Scripture, its willingness to put all things into subjection to the authority of Scripture, and its desire to serve the church in its God-given role. By focusing on distinctives like these, Cedarville will position itself well for long-term success by appropriately submitting to the authority of God's Word.

Lecture Notes

Dr. Steve McKinion | Avoiding the Extremes of Irrelevance and Hyper-relevance, Spring 2015

Dr. Dockery | Developing a Theology for Christian Education, Spring 2014