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A number of presentations have been linked here to assist faculty in understanding and applying the task of biblical integration in their research, writing, and teaching. Further resources will be linked as they become available.

Models for Biblical Integration, by Dr. Jason Lee

Powerpoint Presentation

Proposal for Biblical Integration, by Dr. Jason Lee

Powerpoint Presentation

The Process of Biblical Integration, by Dr. Jeremy Kimble

Powerpoint Presentation

"We Believe" Message Series, by Dr. Thomas White


Poverty of Nations

Full Session Videos

Dr. Bruce Ashford | Biblical Integration

Dr. Bruce Ashford is Provost and Professor of Theology and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In this lecture he addresses the relationship between nature and grace and the impact this relationship will have as it relates to higher education.

Lecture Notes

Biblical Integration Presentation - Thomas Mach

Higher education experts predict that as many as half of the 4000 institutions of higher learning in America may fail in the next 15 years. Those institutions that seek to honor Christ need to provide a quality education that is distinctively biblical if they want to survive in this challenging environment. This paper presents the argument that Cedarville University's integration of faith and learning is distinctive primarily because of its view on the inerrancy of Scripture, its approach to Scripture, its willingness to put all things into subjection to the authority of Scripture, and its desire to serve the church in its God-given role. By focusing on distinctives like these, Cedarville will position itself well for long-term success by appropriately submitting to the authority of God's Word.

Lecture Notes

Avoiding the Extremes of Irrelevance and Hyper-relevance with Dr. Steve McKinion

Dr. Dockery - Developing a Theology for Christian Education