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The college of extended learning supports the development and growth of new and innovative programs at the University.  Resources for program development and supporting excellence in instruction are housed within this college.  These include:

  • The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) – The CTL works with faculty to develop and offer courses that leverage technology to support the learning process.  The center provides instructional design support, web-based development, videography, and other resources to assist faculty in developing and offering online courses and technology-based course enhancements.
  • Accreditation and Assessment – The office of accreditation and assessment monitors the requirements of our accrediting agencies to ensure the university maintains compliance with those agencies. They provide oversight to any institutional accreditation activities and can support academic departments with program-specific accreditation visits. The assessment activities of the University are coordinated through this office including faculty development in the area of assessment, developing an overall strategy to ensure assessment activities are ongoing and effective, and providing institutional-level reporting.
  • Institutional Research – The office of institutional research coordinates reporting activities to the many agencies that require data from the university.  The office coordinates with other areas of the university to compile and report that data, ensuring consistency and accuracy.  The university’s annual data book is prepared by the office and published through the institutional research website as well as the library’s digital commons.

In addition to these resources, the college of extended learning has staff that assist academic departments through the process of developing an academic program.  Resources include project management, financial analysis, assistance with proposal preparation and the accreditation processes.  These new programs are generally housed within other departments of the academic division.  The college of extended learning does, however, have the option of housing academic programs whose mission and/or target audience are not consistent with another area of the university.