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Broadcasting and Digital Media Major Requirements 2015-16

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(53-54 credit hours)

Broadcasting and Digital Media Core (32-33 credit hours)
Course No. Course Title Hours
BRDM-1110 Introduction to Broadcasting and Digital Media 3
BRDM-1120 Audio Technical Training 3
BRDM-2110 Video Technical Training 3
Writing for Electronic Media
  (or Screenwriting)
  (or Writing and Design Web/Mobile Media)
BRDM-2810 Sophomore Seminar 1
Survey Research for Electronic Media
  (or Web Analytics)
BRDM/JOUR-3150 Media Ethics 2
BRDM-3151 Christian Approaches to Electronic Media 2
BRDM-3650 Networked Audience 3
BRDM-4110 Electronic Media Law and Regulation 3
BRDM/JOUR-4650 Designing Solutions for New Audiences 3
BRDM-4810 Senior Seminar 1
Select one of the following, with approval of faculty 3-12
BRDM-4920 Senior Project* 3
BRDM-4930 Electronic Media Internship* 3-12
Concentration selected from the following 21
Digital Film and Video Concentration  21
BRDM-2320 Preproduction and Planning for Video/Film 3
Digital Audio Post Production
  (or Audio for Video and Film)
  (or Acting I)
BRDM-3310 Digital Film Production 3
BRDM-3355 SFX and Compositing for TV and Film 3
BRDM-3620 Digital Compression and Streaming 3
BRDM-4310 Advanced Cinematography and Lighting 3
Practica - three hours selected from the following 3
BRDM-3731 Video Production Practicum+ 1
BRDM-3733 Sports Production Practicum+ 1
BRDM-3734 Film Practicum+ 1
Digital Radio and Audio concentration 21
BRDM-1210 Media Performance 3
BRDM-3210 Digital Audio Post-Production 3
BRDM-3215 Live Sound 3
Select one set of courses approved by advisor 12
Set one 12
BRDM-3410 Electronic Media Sales 3
THTR-1410 Introduction to Theatre 3
THTR-2410 Advanced Performance Techniques 3
THTR-2430 Acting I 3
Set two 12
BRDM-2220 Sound Design 3
BRDM-3211 Digital Music Production 3
BRDM-3216 Audio for Video/Film 3
BRDM-3720 Audio Production Practicum
(1 hour each; 3 hours required)
Integrated Digital Media concentration 21
BRDM-3210 Digital Audio Post Production 3
BRDM-3310 Digital Film Production 3
Digital Media Electives 15

* Capstone Course