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"Political communication is so important-it determines what people believe, and if we don’t communicate truth, people will believe a lie." [mom, Suzie Hofert, class of 2010]

"Your mentorship, example, and compassion for Emily has truly been a highlight of our entire family’s “Cedarville Experience,” and we are grateful....It was a blessing to know of her love and appreciation for those who were teaching and leading her at such an important stage of life." [Dave and Cindy Kraft, parents of Emily, 2009]

"Fundamentals of Speech changed my life...literally. After giving my first two speeches, my professor suggested that I set up a meeting with her. Her exact words were, "Come see me. I'll change your life." I did and she did. She convinced me that I had a gift for public speaking and I am now working full-time in the field of Public Relations, and I love what I do for a living." [Diane Bielo]

"My closest and best friends that I have made at Cedarville are communication majors." [Katie Bliss, 2010]

"The best thing about Communication Studies at CU is the vast range of the program along with the atmosphere the professors produce inside and outside of the classroom." [Sarah Murphy, 2010]

"This course has not only stimulated thought within the context of this classroom and associated assignments, but in the broader spectrum of life. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate this professor’s care, concern, and devotion to this subject matter as well as the students." [student evaluation, 2008]

02 graduate—"Since graduating in ’02 I’ve entered a career in publishing and started my Master’s degree in public communication at. . . Since starting, I’ve been very pleased with how well equipped I am, both as a student and a professional, as a result of my studies at Cedarville. . . . .I’m in my fourth class of my program and have found how well equipped I am in comparison to my classmates, many of whom also have Communications undergraduate degrees. . . . Additionally, my fondest memories of Cedarville include the biblical foundation woven into coursework, and the one-on-one attention freely given by faculty members."

05 graduate—"I have actually felt really well prepared all across the board for what is expected of me at Wake Forest. I think that reflects well on the program at Cedarville. The Dept. at Wake is requiring me to be a TA in Public Speaking and doa rhetoric and empirical class. My course work at Cedarville gave me experience with all those things."

’75 graduate and prestigious Bronze Quill Award winner—"I thought that you might like to know that nearly everything I know about the communication business can be traced back to those introductory courses that you taught. …you made it possible for me to find my role in life."

05 graduate—"When I interviewed for my position, the people that I sat and talked with knew that I was different, and I told them that I came from a University where my professors took pride in my intellectual and spiritual growth. . . . is by no means a “spiritual” company, but I can honestly say that I feel well equipped to enter this business world with my faith strong and intact."

98 graduate-- "Today I was asked by a company to take a lengthy article and consolidate it into 100 words. I found myself using the Toulmin model to determine what was most important to include and what was of lesser importance that I could exclude. I, of course, thought of you and wanted to tell you (before the moment escaped!) to say thank you for all you do and all you did to make my education at Cedarville so great."

"I have learned to develop critical thinking skills. I have improved in speaking my idea and not being so self-conscious up front." [student evaluation, 1997]

"I love the fact that communication professors care so much about their students. I know that I can go to my professors no only with questions about classes, but also with thoughts about life- my problems and good news. I feel like they listen and really care." [Rachel York, 2010]

"What we learned in this class is what I’ve been trying to learn for years." [student evaluation, 1997]

"Your fresh perspective on the field of communications and life in general has challenged me to think outside the box.... Words truly cannot describe my appreciation and gratitude for Cedarville and dedicated professors like you." [Lindsay Neal, 2010]

"I would not be the attorney I am without you and your interest in my life. I am a prosecutor now and this past year I successfully prosecuted four homicide cases. There is not way I could do this work without the progress I made while under your leadership." [Dennis Johnson,]

"I count professors like you as what makes Cedarville such a great place to study. That you for seriously modeling what it means to be a Christian scholar!" [Leanna Baumer, 2010]

"I know that communication is a very important part of the business world. In light of that face, I have decided to change my minor to Communications." [Trevor Batt, @ 1995]

"I’m thankful for the Communications Department and the education I have through it....Being a communications major has affected my life in so many ways, and I see God using it not only to prepare me to do something for Him, but to also teach me about Him and direct my eyes more in His direction." [Derrick Green, 1996]

"As I watched and analyzed All the President’s Men, I was repeatedly struck by how powerful and important it is for the press to exist and for this country to have the power of freedom of the press. What The Washington Post, Woodward and Bernstein did effectively changed our nation’s history."