Introduction to Multi-cultural Experiences

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Recognizing the need to be able to understand and interact with other cultures, the Center for Lifelong Learning is offering introductory level language courses. Each of these non-credit courses present students with the basic skills of each language as well as offer an overview of the culture. The goal of these courses is to encourage further study of other cultures.

Practical French

This noncredit course provides useful information for interacting with people in France. Students will learn simple phrases to use in common situations, such as ordering in a cafe', finding the train station or a restaurant, asking directions or for help, addressing salespersons, and greeting people politely. The course will use the text, dialogues with videos, and some views of the sights in France. At the end of the course, students will be able to communicate clearly and personally when visiting France. 


Course fee - $125.00  This is not covered by tuition remission or financial aid.

Course Dates

Registration: Monday, July 17 - Friday, September 1, 2017
Dates: Tuesday and Thursday, 7 - 8:30 p.m.
           September 12 - October 17

Required Books

French in 10 Minutes a Day, eighth edition
ISBN-10 1931873291
ISBN-13 978-1931873291

Beginning Spanish

The purpose of this non-credit course is to introduce students to the basic skills in listening to and speaking Spanish. Included will be an overview of basic family dynamics, cultural, and religious expressions, and commonplace customs and lifestyles. Assignments will be made from the required text.