TESOL Practicum for Education Majors


Independent teaching of ESL students under the general supervision of a master teacher. In a K-12 placement under the supervision of a qualified ESL teacher, the student will practice teaching in a formal classroom situation. During this experience, the student will be provided opportunities to establish goals and objectives and design curricula that reflect Ohio's grade-level learning outcomes in content areas. The student will also be given opportunities to select, adapt, create, and use varied resources appropriate to age, cultural groups, and different learning styles. Activities should include integrating technology in planning and delivering instruction and strategies for creating and maintaining communication with families. Practicum will also provide the student with knowledge and skills in assessment. Ongoing during this experience, the student will analyze, evaluate, reflect on and describe his/her field experience. Prerequisites: COM-2140 Intercultural Communication, ENG-3060 The English Language, ENG-3070 Advanced Grammar for Adolescent Teachers, LING-3080 Linguistics for Language Learning, LING-3500 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language, and LING-3600 Clinical Teaching of English as a Second Language. (Fee: $45)

Academic Level:
Linguistics [LING]
Terms Offered: