Project Management


This course seeks to lay a foundation for understanding and applying effective project management processes. Project Management deals with changes within an organization. Therefore Project Management processes seek to effectively minimize risks, efficiently align resources and costs, and maximize accountability. The course will examine principles, processes, and tools project managers have developed to achieve these objectives. You can view Project Management as a toolkit containing a number of tools that a project manager can use to create a completed project. Some of these tools are technical in nature. Others are tools to increase people skills and team building. Both the technical and people sides of Project Management will be explored.

Academic Level:
Management [MGMT]
Terms Offered:
Term Sect Instructor Meeting Location/Days/Time Cap Used
2020SP 03 Dr. Rick Prigge MIL 132 LEC TR 02:00PM-03:15PM
Dates: 01/07/20-05/01/20
18 5
2020SP 01 Dr. Rick Prigge ONL
Dates: 01/06/20-02/21/20
18 16
2020SP 02 Dr. Rick Prigge ONL
Dates: 01/06/20-02/21/20
18 5