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Finger Printing and Licensure

Any teacher education candidate who will be completing a field or clinical experience in the fall or spring semester  is required to complete an FBI background clearance (and BCI Ohio clearance if in licensure year) through the Webcheck system at the Campus Security office at Cedarville University. Clearances are valid for one year from the submission date. FBI Clearance certificates are kept on file in the education department. Fingerprinting clearances are the responsibility of the student. FBI clearance is $35 each and the BCI clearance is $35, or for those who are completing clearances for licensure, the FBI and BCI combination clearances are $60. To complete the Webcheck clearance, students must present a valid picture ID and payment at the time of the appointment. Appointments are arranged through Tara Winter in the Licensure, Testing, and Accreditation Office.

It is the Ohio Department of Education policy that every applicant for licensure must have a valid BCI and FBI clearance current at the time of the application date.

Please direct any questions to Tara Winter, Licensure, Testing and Accreditation Coordinator.

Exam Requirements

The School of Education of Cedarville University requires that teacher-candidates complete two levels of exams to achieve acceptance into the teacher education program and state of Ohio licensure. If you have any questions regarding these exams, please contact Tara Winter, the Licensure, Testing, and Accreditation Coordinator.  

Teacher Education Program Acceptance Exams: CORE/CASE exams

The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE) exams measure academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. These are designed to provide comprehensive assessments to measure the skills and content knowledge of candidates entering teacher preparation programs. The Cedarville University School of Education uses the CASE exams to evaluate individuals for entry into the teacher education program. The assessments are to be completed during a student's first year as an education major. Students entering Cedarville University after August 1, 2014, may qualify for exemption from these exams based on their SAT and ACT exam scores or by transferring more than 25 credits with a GPA of 3.0 or above. Students will be notified during their Education Profession course (EDUC-1000) if they have met these exemptions. 

State of Ohio Educator Licensure Exams: OAE Pearson Exams

Pearsons Evaluation Systems provides the educator assessments for teacher licensure in the state of Ohio. These assessments are aligned to state standards and include Professional Knowledge Assessments and Content Assessments. OAE assessments are required for all students who wish to obtain a state of Ohio teaching license. These exams are to be completed during the final year of a student's teacher education program to ensure that all exam content and pedagogy has been learned. OAE assessments can be completed at computerized testing centers all over the country.  For registration and exam information, please visit  

Teacher Education Program

Description of the institution, its teacher education program, education admission standards, a demographic profile of students, and statistical performance of students on standardized teacher education tests.

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