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All undergraduate programs within the School of Education are NCATE accredited. (Now known as CAEP)

With a shared commitment to the importance of learning from a biblical worldview, the Cedarville School of Education and the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (SBACS) are partnering to provide two full-tuition scholarships* for students graduating from an SBACS high school (view list) who enroll at Cedarville University starting fall 2015. These competitive scholarships are open to students in any academic major.

Application deadline is February 15, 2015. Winners will be announced by March 15, 2015.

Scholarship Application Instructions:

After you have created an account to access the SBACS Scholarship application, please have the following information available to complete the form:

  • Student Information, including your program of interest
  • Essay Questions
    • Provide a brief description of your extracurricular activities.
    • How has the Christian education you have received at your SBACS school benefited you over the secular training you could have received?
    • What makes earning a Christ-centered higher education liberal arts degree at Cedarville University so essential for your future goals?
    • Provide a brief description of your testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.
    • Names and email addresses of a pastor, youth director or Christian school principal and a teacher/counselor to be used as references.
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Yes, this award is renewable as long as the student maintains Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and remains in good standing with the University. "Good standing" shall be determined as follows:

In support of Cedarville University's commitment to the individual and communal benefits of the Cedarville community covenant, an annual review of student conduct will be required for scholarship renewal. Any student who, in the sole discretion of the Student Life Deans on a case-by-case basis, has demonstrated a pattern of conduct that indicates disregard for University policies will not be considered eligible for scholarship renewal.

If a student believes his/her status of scholarship eligibility was determined in error or inappropriately, the student has the option to appeal. The student should submit a letter of appeal that details the factors that should be considered in his/her scholarship standing with the University, as well as his/her plans to address the concerns which led to the standing. Submit the appeal to the Director for Student Development within 14 days of notice of non-renewal. The appeal will be reviewed and the student will receive a response within two weeks of a complete submission of the appeal.

* The SBACS full-tuition scholarship may be used for eight semesters (fall and spring terms) of course work provided you are enrolled full time and continue in good standing at the University. When awarded, this SBACS full-tuition guarantee will include all forms of gift-based aid, including institutional academic and need-based aid, federal aid, state aid, or other forms of outside aid for which a student may qualify. Scholarships will be awarded competitively, based on scholarship applications submitted by interested students.