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Top 10 Reasons You Should Study English, Literature, Modern Languages at Cedarville University

Christ-Centered Focus

Inspiring daily chapels, our one-of-a-kind Bible minor, worldwide ministry opportunities, and a biblical perspective in the classroom create a distinctly Christ-centered experience.

Academic Excellence

In a recent national satisfaction survey, our students ranked Cedarville University #1 among all participating colleges for commitment to academic excellence, career services, computer labs, and more.

Broad Preparation

Because of the broad educational base our majors provide, language and literature graduates pursue a variety of occupations — teaching, leadership, government, industry, management, missions and ministry, law, finance, journalism, and creative writing.

Practical Experience

As editorial staff the Miracle, Cedarville's yearbook, or the Cedarville Review students can gain practical experience as writers and editors.

Strong Minors

Whatever your language and literature career goal is, Cedarville's program provides a variety of minors that will enhance your degree and prepare you for your ideal job. Besides those in various languages, the department has minors in Asian studies, writing for the professions, editing and publishing, and creative writing.

Varied and Numerous Opportunities

Cedarville makes an effort to get its faculty and students to other countries, such as the Oxford Study Abroad Programme. Study abroad opportunities enrich our program and include experiences in Germany, seminars at Oxford, or trips to Spain or Mexico, to name a few. In addition, you'll be eligible for various scholarships and have the chance to present your work at conferences and to see your writing published. Many Cedarville graduates have also been accepted into highly coveted master's programs.

Leadership Role

Our department is taking a leadership role in the academic community ... and you as a student will benefit. Whether it's hosting a national conference on campus for language arts teachers or publishing the work of students in our literary review publication, the Cedarville Review — a review that is becoming a recognized leading undergraduate literary review by soliciting and publishing work from around the country — we are actively engaging our culture with the heart and mind of Christ.

Writing Center

We're serious about helping you write better and giving strong student writers experience mentoring their peers as writing center consultants. This well-equipped center offers workshops and writing resources to develop effective writers in every discipline.

Forward-Thinking Language Study

Offering programs in Spanish, German, and Arabic, the department recently added French and East Asian minors, with the latter introducing students to Mandarin Chinese.

Learn From Literary Masters

Every year, the department brings big names in the world of literature to campus, including Marilynne Robinson, Donald Hall, Leland Ryken, and Andrew Hudgins. This gives you a chance to interact with people who are nationally recognized in their field.