Bob Parr

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Bob Parr, Ph.D.

Senior Professor of Sociology


Education and Credentials

Ph.D., The Ohio State University

M.S.W., The Ohio State University

M.A., Michigan State University

M.R.E., Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary

B.R.E., Grand Rapids Baptist College

Scholarly Works

  • The Sport and Religious Identities: Comparisons of Self Involvement Using the SII (Robert G. Parr) (1987)
  • Transformed Minds (Marc A. Clauson, Robert G. Parr, Mark Caleb Smith, et al.) Faculty Books (2015)
  • Integrating Biblical Truth Into the Teaching of Sociology (Robert G. Parr) History and Government Faculty Publications (2015)
  • We Believe in God's Design for Man and Woman in Marriage (Robert G. Parr) Cedarville Magazine (2016)
  • In Search of Solid Ground (Robert G. Parr) Torch (2012)
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