History and Political Science Major

Do you love learning about the past but want to make a difference in today’s society? Have you ever dreamed of running for office or working for an elected official? Does your short list of post-college options include graduate school, law school, policy research, and possibly campaign work? Then consider the history and political science degree.

This program combines the best elements of both the history and political science programs, leaving you more options to consider upon graduation. These liberal arts fields develop the skills required in a fast-paced economy, meeting the demands of today’s employers. Employees need to be able to communicate well, critically analyze, develop solutions to problems, and handle large amounts of information. This combined major will help you maximize your skill base.

Cedarville’s distinctiveness is found in its overt integration of the Christian faith with major fields of study. We believe that a rigorous study of the past, grounded in the Word of God, has the potential to change lives and allow graduates to be uniquely equipped to be salt and light in our nation. If you love politics and want to explore God’s purpose for government and develop a coherent idea of Christian citizenship, Cedarville is the place for you. Come study with us!

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