History Major

History graduates have embraced the centuries-old understanding that education is for the cultivation of the mind, not just a preparation for a job. We know you want a job, too, but too often Americans think of college as professional training, and forget about the benefits of a solid liberal arts education.

Ironically, employers today understand the value of a liberal arts degree because it develops the skills required for our fast-paced economy. Employees need to be able to communicate well, critically analyze, develop solutions to problems, and handle large amounts of information. No major does a better job developing these skills than history.

3-Year Option Available
This program has a 3-year option. View the Sample 3-Year Curriculum Plan.

Cedarville’s distinctiveness is found in its overt integration of the Christian faith with the past. We want you to marvel at the work of God in history, recognize the depravity of man in the past, consider the options available to man in community as tried in history, and evaluate the lessons of history through the principles taught in God’s Word. We believe that a rigorous study of the past, grounded in the Word of God, has the potential to change lives and allow graduates to be uniquely equipped to be salt and light in our nation. Come study with us!

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