Political Science Major

What do you think of “Obamacare”? Is the Tea Party a positive or negative development in the American political system? Should American soldiers be in Libya or Syria? These topics are not simple fodder for talk radio and partisan bloggers; they are issues at the center of political debates in state capitols, Washington, D.C., and in the political science classrooms here at Cedarville University. Our political science program exposes you to a breadth of knowledge in American and international politics, political philosophy, and law, all while encouraging you to examine contemporary political issues at all levels of government.

Most importantly, political science at Cedarville integrates the Christian faith with politics. What does Scripture tell us about the role of government in our world? How has human nature led to conflicts among nations? What truths in God’s Word can be applied to all citizens living in an indirect democracy like the United States? Political science is more than a discussion of attention-grabbing headlines; it is the study of human behavior, justice, civic responsibility, and myriad topics grounded in biblical truth. If you love politics and want to explore God’s purpose for government and develop a coherent idea of Christian citizenship, come study with us.

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