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On Campus Learning

Students in the Department of History and Government have an impressive breadth of coursework from which to choose.  This coverage is the result of a group of faculty with a wide range of expertise, including both extensive professional experience and advanced academic preparation.  In addition, because of the overlapping nature of several of the programs within the department, a number of courses can be taken for multiple majors.  More importantly, the department is committed to preparing young men and women for making a difference in the fields of History and Government.  Faculty teach from the foundation of Scriptural principle which compels Christians to be salt and light in all arenas of society, including politics and social avenues.  Believing that Scripture supports a conservative ideology regarding current political and social issues, faculty encourage students to evaluate their responsibilities within a democratic republic.  In the final analysis, the department seeks to produce Change Agents who will take leadership in bringing Biblical principle to bear in the public square.  To that end, the programs within History and Government provide a number of academic opportunities outside the traditional classroom.

Liberal Arts Core

The liberal arts courses help students to develop skills in communication, critical thinking, and integration.  They also help students learn how to obtain and manage information of all types. One of our goals is to develop educated individuals who establish a pattern of life-long learning.  Just as we ought to strive throughout our life to know and serve Jesus Christ better, we ought also to work to do what He has called us to do to the best of our ability.  That requires continuous improvement.  In addition, we see to graduate informed and responsible citizens.  Civic duty is a concept increasingly lost in our country and we believe it is incumbent on Christians to serve the nation in a fashion that is glorifying to Him.  We have incredible opportunity to be a part of our government system here in America, and it is our duty to fulfill that responsibility in accordance with biblical principle.

Center for Political Studies

The Center for Political Studies (CPS) was founded in 2005 to provide a biblical response to political and social issues of our day. Modern Americans are wrestling with a range of difficult legal, moral, and political issues. We are confronting war and praying for peace. We are a rich nation that still bears the blight of poverty. We are in turmoil over the beginning and end of life; and we have not yet decided on the moral and political limits of science and technology. We recognize that Christians have no choice but to take a stand in troubled times. We must seek to gain an informed perspective, while evaluating issues through the lens of our faith. Once formed, our convictions will guide us as we navigate through the complicated web of issues, parties, and policies that make up our politics.We seek to engage our nation’s political culture with the heart and mind of Christ. By educating students and community members alike to effectively articulate a biblical perspective in response to both political chaos and apathy, we can affect change within our homes, communities, and country..

Student Organizations

Travel Study

The Travel Studies Department provides a plethora of opportunities for you to travel and study overseas. The options include two main types of travel opportunities: the tour course and the semester abroad.

The tour courses are courses offered by Cedarville, generally during the May term, where students can obtain credit for a course while spending part or all of the three week term traveling in another country or multiple countries. Some examples include a World War II tour course, a Reformation tour course, and a Comparative Criminal Justice tour course in Spain.

A semester abroad usually involves a student living in another country for a semester and studying with an institution overseas. Many of these semester abroad programs are sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and maintain similar standards as Cedarville does. They provide a unique opportunity to live and study in another setting, learn a foreign language, and experience another culture. A student at Cedarville can pretty much name a place in the world where they want to study and we can help them get there.