Male history professor using whiteboard to illustrate concepts to the class

B.A. in Social Studies Education

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The integrated social studies education program prepares students to teach social studies in public and Christian schools in grades 7–12. Students who complete this curriculum will be licensed by the State of Ohio and the Association of Christian Schools International. The Ohio teaching license, through reciprocal agreements, is automatically recognized in 42 states. Students select one or more concentrations in the areas of economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology.

Liberal Arts Core

The faculty of Cedarville, and particularly the faculty of the Department of History and Government believe in the value of the liberal arts core.  We want our graduates to be educated individuals, not just trained employees.  We recognize that both education and training are vital,  and we are convinced that in this day and age college graduates need to know how to learn as much as they need to know how to do a task.  The career experts suggest that graduates of colleges today will change careers 4-5 times in their lifetimes.  Those shifts require a certain set of skills that the liberal arts courses help to develop in our students.