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"Being in the honors program was perhaps the most enriching experience of my freshman year, and it has continued to expand the depth and breadth of my thinking. The honors program has taught me how to critically evaluate ideas, picking out grains of truth in places I might not otherwise have seen them. The professors provided a comprehensive, thoughtful view of philosophy, history, and humanities, and they encouraged questions and discussion."

What are the benefits of participating in the honors program?

You will enjoy classes with a much lower faculty-to-student ratio than most other general education courses. In this smaller setting, you will have more opportunities for one-on-one interaction with professors. You will also be part of a close-knit community of honors students from your freshman through senior years. Your friendships with other motivated Christian learners will extend beyond the classroom to service projects, ministries, and fun.

The honors classes will also give you a better understanding of the complex interactions between the ideas, events, decisions, and creations of Western civilization. This integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts will help you appreciate the essential unity of God's truth. You will be better equipped to look for connections and respond to the cultural questions of our day. As you enter the workplace or future study, your ability to think holistically, creatively, and independently will open doors of opportunity.

Above all, as you develop a distinctive Christian worldview and respond to issues discussed in the honors classes, you will learn what it means to love God with all your mind.

What are the requirements to be admitted into the program?

Freshmen who are accepted for fall semester admission to Cedarville University and have the academic credentials required should submit a writing sample and an honors application by February 1. Students are selected for the Honors program from this pool of applicants on the basis of their SAT or ACT scores, high school curriculum and grade point average, written essays, and potential for leadership. Admission to the Honors program is limited and therefore competitive.

Will I be able to handle honors courses with my other classes?

Yes! The 10-hour course sequence taken in the freshman year satisfies nine hours of general education requirements in humanities and history. After the freshman year, the honors program requires that you take only 2 credit hours per year to complete the program. We have a strong track-record of success in helping students complete the program, even those taking hour-intensive majors like engineering, nursing, or education.

How difficult is the workload?

The honors curriculum is designed to challenge motivated students to expand their horizons. These courses demand critical thinking skills and self-discipline. When we accept students into the program, we do so with confidence that they will be successful and fully capable of accomplishing the work demanded by the program. In fact, we find that most students who are admitted to the honors program already thrive in an environment of reading, writing, and thinking which form the core of the Honors coursework.

How do I apply?

The deadline for application is February 1. Freshmen accepted for the fall semester who meet the academic credentials for the program are eligible. By the February 1 deadline, you should submit the following:

  • Your thesis-driven writing sample must present a clear and cogent position, organize information as evidence in support of that position, critically analyze information on various viewpoints, and communicate effectively and persuasively. Your writing sample should be uploaded as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file after completing the Honors application. You will receive further instructions on this process within the application itself.
  • Submit your Honors application detailing your involvement in activities and organizations during your high school years, including an indication of any leadership positions held and any awards or recognitions received

How will I find out about the status of my application?

The Honors Council will notify all applicants after April 1. By that deadline, we will mail you a letter indicating one of the following outcomes for your application:

  • you will be invited to join the program
  • you will be placed on our waiting list for the program
  • you will be informed that we do not have a spot for you in the program.

If I have additional questions whom should I contact?

Call 1-800-CEDARVILLE or email Dr. John Gilhooly, Honors Program Director. We are glad to talk with you and answer your questions!

How will participation in the honors program help me after graduation?

While participation in the honors program does not guarantee success in the job market, graduate school, or ministry, Cedarville University honors graduates have established a track record of excellence and success. Your involvement in the honors program indicates to a potential employer or graduate school that you were one of a very select group of university applicants who were academically strong enough to be considered for the program. But further, your involvement in honors education demonstrates that you are a student who is not content to do just the minimum to get by, but that you are willing to go the extra mile to develop your abilities and to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to you.