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The Honors Program at Cedarville University is comprised of 16 credit hours of coursework. The program is focused on the integration of Christian theism with the liberal arts and is designed to provide Honors students with an integrative and advanced general education experience that is unique on campus and distinctive among honors programs at other institutions.

Benefits of the Cedarville University Honors Program

  • Honors degrees are increasingly important for college graduates as they enter graduate school or the job market. At Cedarville University, the Program strategically mentors students as they seek to find and fulfill God's call on their lives.
  • The Honors Program provides a "community within a community" at Cedarville University which allows for additional support of and appreciation for the unique talents and abilities students of this caliber bring to the institution.
  • The integrative nature of the program offers an exceptional opportunity for students to interact with talented professors in small class settings using a seminar format where students are encouraged to engage, discuss, and ask questions in order to enhance their learning experience.
  • An Honors degree sets students apart from others as a committed and disciplined learner.

Honors Student Social Organization - Tau Delta Kappa

Tau Delta Kappa, the Honors student organization, seeks to provide educational, social, and service opportunities to Honors students. TDK is a distinctive aspect of the Honors community at Cedarville University. The organization provides a mentoring program which matches upperclassmen in the Honors program with freshmen coming into the program. It also provides study groups for the Making of the Modern Mind course, social activities throughout the year, "Coffee Talks" each semester which focus on a timely topic, and a variety of educational and service opportunities.