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Liberal Arts Student Experiences

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Travel Study

The Travel Studies Department provides numerous opportunities for the Liberal Arts major to travel and study overseas. The options include two main types of travel opportunities: a shorter six to eight week summer experience, and the regular semester programs. Either of these options will enable the major to complete their required study abroad experience.

A study abroad experience usually involves a student living in another country and studying with an institution overseas. Many of these study abroad programs are sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and maintain similar standards as Cedarville does. They provide a unique opportunity to live and study in another setting, learn a foreign language, and experience another culture. A student at Cedarville can pretty much name a place in the world where they want to study and the Travel Study office can help them get there.

Cedarville Honors Program

Many of the Liberal Arts majors also participate in the Honors Program at Cedarville. Cedarville University's honors program offers you:

  • A nationally recognized curriculum
  • A community of inquiring minds
  • Seminars discussing classical and innovative knowledge
  • One-on-one interaction with top professors
  • Special recognition at graduation and on academic records

The Liberal Arts major will benefit from the practical application of faith and learning that will transform your mind and encourage a consistent and vibrant Christian walk. A specially designed series of courses will enrich your field of study. All aspects of the program have been tailored to fit your needs as a student who loves learning and enjoys discovering connections between various disciplines.

Extracurricular Activities

Cedarville provides a number of extracurricular programs that enable the Liberal Arts major to practically apply their classroom experience by participating in clubs and team competitions designed to enhance the student’s on-campus learning experience. The Debate Team, Model U.N., and Forensics all provide competitive inter-collegiate opportunities for the student expand their thinking and decision-making skills. Other student organizations, such as the Cedarville Legal Society, provide outlets for the student to engage with other like-minded students in specific career-oriented activities.