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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the Centennial Library

The policy of the Cedarville University Centennial Library is that the privacy of all users shall be respected in compliance with federal and state laws, professional standards, and University policy. The library will not reveal the identities of individual users or reveal what information sources or services they consult except when required by law or University policy. This policy applies to the use of all resources regardless of their format or means of delivery, to all services offered by the library, and to all sources of information including library records, student records, instructional interactions, and reference interactions. Further, library staff are required to respect the privacy of all students in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)


It is the policy of the Centennial Library that the privacy of all borrowers of library materials shall be respected. The library will not reveal the names of individual borrowers nor reveal what books are, or have been, charged to any individual unless required by law or University policy.

Collection Development and Resource Management

Comments, purchase recommendations, gifts-in-kind, and special requests from users make an important contribution to building and shaping the library's collections. Purchase, transfer, and related collection management requests linked to individual users-- or even groups of users (e.g., an academic department or school) are deemed confidential reader information and not shared outside the library, unless a donor desires or approves of recognition. Within the library, user names are temporarily attached to internal records and shared among relevant staff to facilitate notification of library actions and follow-through.

Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery

Requestors of interlibrary loan and document delivery services receive the same protection in terms of confidentiality of their requests. In some cases, information about requests is shared with other library staff primarily for collection development purposes; it remains confidential within the library. Documentation of requests may be retained as necessary for the library to comply with auditing, copyright, or other regulations.

Library Surveys/Assessment Projects

The library or its departments regularly obtain information through data gathering activities (group surveys, focus groups, individual interviews, systems reports, etc.) to support the assessment of library services, collections, facilities, resources, etc., or to support research related to library and information services. The sources of the information are considered confidential, and the data will not be shared except in aggregations to protect the privacy of individual participants.

Third-Party Resources

The library strives to assure that contracts, licenses, agreements, and arrangements entered into with third-party information service providers, primarily on-line databases, protects the identity of individual users and the information they use. However, third-party resources often provide additional personalized services by asking users to identify themselves through the creation of personal accounts. Such personal information should be provided at the library patrons’ discretion. The resource provider may not follow the same privacy guidelines as those set forth by Centennial Library policies. Library patrons are encouraged to be aware of each third-party resource’s privacy policy before sharing personal information.