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Research Carrels

Student Regulations for the Use of Research Carrels 

User Selection

  • Research Carrels are generally assigned to Seniors and, on limited occasions, Juniors. Those who have an acceptable application will be assigned a carrel on a first come/first served basis. 
  • Carrels are reserved for use by those who have to complete a major research project, a senior seminar, an independent study, or a senior project. The project should require the extensive use of library materials. Course title and the instructor's name must be provided. 
  • Assignment of a Research Carrel is for ONE SEMESTER ONLY. While re-application is permitted for an additional semester, the Dean of Library Services reserves the right not to grant continued use if other worthy applicants are waiting. Because of the high demand for research carrel use, renewal for an additional semester cannot be assumed nor assured. 
  • To be considered for the use of a Research Carrel, the student must complete an application or re-application form and submit it prior to the semester being requested. 

Regulations for Research Carrel Use

Carrel Use 

  • The Research Carrel is intended for the use of one person - not for group study or socializing . One some occasions, the carrel can be assigned to two persons with the understanding that the carrel will be used at different times by each occupant. 
  • The Research Carrel is to be used only by the person to whom it is assigned. 
  • The Research Carrel must be vacated at the conclusion of the assigned semester unless re-application and approval for an additional semester have occurred. 

Carrel Contents 

  • Library materials kept in a Research Carrel must be properly checked out at the Circulation Desk to the user of the carrel. Reference books (R's) and periodicals are not to be kept in the carrel. These items should be returned to the Circulation Desk daily for re-shelving just as they would be by any other library user.  
  • No food is permitted in the library, while drinks are allowed if they have a lid. The same policy applies to the use of the Research Carrel. 
  • Personal educational materials and equipment may be kept in the Research Carrel, but library staff cannot be responsible for any personal items in the carrel. 

Carrel Care 

  • The window in the door must be kept free of obstructions at all times .  
  • The moving of additional library furniture into a Research Carrel is not appropriate without the necessary permission. 
  • The user of the Research Carrel is responsible for the key. It should not be loaned out to anyone. Replacement costs will be charged for lost keys. 
  • Any damage to the Research Carrel shall be the responsibility of the occupant at the time the damage occurs. 

Failure of a Research Carrel user to abide by these regulations could result in the immediate forfeiture of the privilege of using the carrel.