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Review of Questioned or Challenged Materials

Policy for the Review of Questioned or Challenged Materials 

I. In order to fulfill the objectives of Cedarville University, the Centennial Library has the responsibility to provide materials which present divergent views on political, moral, and religious questions. The content of the collection shall reflect the Christian world view of the University as well as divergent philosophies and points of view so that the student may have available a body of materials representing the range of human experience and opinion. The Library staff commits itself to accomplishing this task in good taste. However, possession should not be interpreted as endorsement but rather as a fulfillment of the responsibility stated above. 

II. Because Cedarville University is a private institution governed by its own board of trustees, criticisms of Library-owned materials or attempts at removal which originate from other than current administrators, faculty, staff, and students of the University will not be considered. 

III. In order to evaluate the criticisms of persons or groups within the University who might wish to suggest the removal or special disposition of materials from the Centennial Library and to establish a guideline for the acquisition of materials of a potentially controversial nature, the following shall be the policy of this Library: 

a. In an effort to support the obligation of the University to provide for the investigation and exchange of ideas, the Library will make available, within the parameters determined by the faculty and prescribed by the curriculum, materials offering a variety of viewpoints, regardless of the popularity of those viewpoints or the popularity or unpopularity of the author. 

b. In areas where there is honest disagreement concerning the truth or wisdom of particular issues, ideas, or beliefs, the Library will make an effort to see that the points of view of the best spokespersons of all sides of the issue, idea, or belief are represented in the collection. 

c. Selection of materials for the Library collection will be based substantially on the criteria stated in paragraph I. Even though the Library staff will be sensitive to the matter of language, style, and visual presentation, it cannot allow the frankness of language, images, or the controversial manner an author may use in presenting religious, political, sexual, social, scientific and moral issues to be the ultimate, or only, controlling factor in materials selection. 

IV. Concerns by University personnel or currently enrolled students must be registered on the Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials Form, and be signed by the party challenging any given materials. The Dean of Library Services holds the ultimate responsibility to assure the review of any material in question and will direct the nature and form of the replies to the party registering a challenge. At times, these tasks of review and reply may be assigned to another Library professional. If, following a decision by the Library staff, questions persist about the disposition of the material, the Dean of Library Services may direct a referral of the matter to the faculty member who requested the material, or to the department chair/school dean in whose field the material has relevance, and ask that the conclusion of the Library staff be reviewed. Agreement on the disposition of the material between the Library staff and the faculty members involved will constitute a final decision. If the recommendation of the Library staff and the review by the faculty member or academic department or school involved are at variance, the conclusions of both sides will be submitted to the Vice President for Academics for his/her evaluation. His/Her decision will be final

V. The Library will not indicate, through the use of labels or other devices, particular philosophies outlined in a book, nor will the Library remove or alter images in any work. To do so is to establish in the reader's mind a judgment before the reader has had an opportunity to examine the material personally.