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Ellison Die Cuts

Cutting Guidelines

There is no charge to use the Ellison Die cuts. Paper is available for purchase in the MediaPLEX.

We do ask that you put away all dies and throw away paper scraps when you finish.

Ellison die shapes

Click on any of the book covers below to view the Ellison shapes:



Ellison fonts and sizes



We have the following in each font:

Block:  2" & 4" Upper, lower case and numbers                             

D'Nealian:  2"& 3" upper case, 4" lower case and numbers

Lollipop: 4" Upper case and numbers

Vagabond: 4" Upper, lower case and numbers

Step by step instructions


 Ellison Die Cuts - Step by Step

1) Place die on paper, foam side down.

2) Slide the whole tray to the left until the wooden die is under the press.

3) Pull the handle in the clockwise motion. Repeat this step if cutting more than one piece of paper (one pull per piece of paper).

4) Return handle to the upright position, slide the tray back to the right. Lift up the wooden die and the shape will be cut out of the paper.