Student playing an instrument in one of Cedarville's ensembles

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Cedarville University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Photo of Roger O'Neel

Roger O'Neel, Ph.D.

Assistant Chair of Worship, Associate Professor of Worship

  • Location DMC 113
  • phone-handset 937-766-7635
Photo of Jim Cato

Jim Cato

Executive Director of HeartSong Ministries

  • Location DMC 172 A
  • phone-handset 937-766-7610
Photo of Brandon Waltz

Brandon Waltz

Director of Production Services Group

  • Location DMC 182 A
  • phone-handset 937-766-7613
Photo of Dan Estes

Dan Estes

Distinguished Professor of Bible

  • Location BTS 258
  • phone-handset 937-766-7978
Photo of Amy Hutchison

Amy Hutchison

Adjunct Instructor

  • Location DMC
  • phone-handset 937-766-7728
Photo of Tom Hutchison

Tom Hutchison

Theology of Worship

  • Location BTS 256
  • phone-handset 937-766-7641
Photo of Susan Plemons

Susan Plemons, M.M.

Assistant Professor of Worship

  • Location DMC 114
  • phone-handset 937-766-3249
Photo of Mike Parrott

Mike Parrott

Assistant Professor of Bible

Photo of Beth Porter

Beth Porter, M.A.

Chair, Music & Worship and Associate Professor, Vocal Music

  • Location DMC 106
  • phone-handset 937-766-7728
Photo of Crystal Behan

Crystal Behan

Adjunct Instructor

Photo of Cameron Voorhees

Cameron Voorhees, B.A.

Studio Instructor for Music and Worship