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Mission Statement

As a Christ-centered learning community, the Cedarville University School of Nursing is dedicated to influencing the profession of nursing for Jesus Christ, domestically and globally. In this environment, we contribute to the body of nursing knowledge, provide leadership in nursing and health care arenas, and produce graduates who are grounded in biblical truth and demonstrate mastery in four areas: godly living, care, culture, and information management.

Program Objectives

Godly living

Applies biblical principles to nursing practice and personal growth
  • 1.1 Demonstrates nursing practice grounded in biblical principles
  • 1.2 Demonstrates character qualities grounded in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ


Provides safe, effective compassionate, client-centered care to individuals, families, and populations to promote health and prevent disease in all dimensions and across the life span
  • 2.1 Utilizes evidence-based knowledge to achieve high-quality outcomes
  • 2.2 Demonstrates ethical commitment and biblical values in all patient care decisions and actions
  • 2.3 Demonstrates safe practice in all nursing care activities


Integrates the concept of culture into professional nursing practice, the health care system, and the global community
  • 3.1 Incorporates culturally defined role expectation of the professional nurse within the health care delivery system and the global community
  • 3.2 Demonstrates the nursing practice that evidences cultural knowledge and competence when working with diverse populations

Information Management

Demonstrates information management skills
  • 4.1 Displays rigorous and creative thought processes to manage information
  • 4.2 Effectively utilizes information management and communication strategies to positively influence individuals, families, populations, and health care professionals
  • 4.3 Uses technologies to assist in effective communication and delivery of care
  • 4.4 Protects privacy of all individuals in relation to the use of information technology