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Want to take a course? Here's how to get started.

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Follow these steps:

Step 1: Determine if online education is right for you.

Although online education is just as effective as traditional, face-to-face training, it is not a good fit for every student or every situation. Before registering for an online course, check to be sure that online is best for you:

Is online right for me?

Step 2: Choose a course.

Cedarville University has an ever-expanding online course list which includes general education courses, upper-level courses, and graduate-level courses. Refer to the course list to see which course you’d like to take online. Check the undergraduategraduate, or dual enrollment course schedules for availability.

See a list of Cedarville's online courses

Step 3: Register for your course.

In order to register for your course, make sure you are already accepted as a Cedarville student.

Undergraduate students

  • Not accepted to Cedarville? Apply here.
  • Complete your registration process online during your assigned registration period.
  • Contact your advisor for your registration code.
  • Find your courses on the undergraduate course schedule for the course code (synonym).
  • Follow the instructions to register for classes.

Graduate students

Dual Enrollment students

Courses are charged to your student account.

If you have questions about paying for your course:

Visit the cashier's office website or contact the cashier's office:

If you have questions about scholarships and financial aid:

Visit the undergraduate financial aid website or contact the financial aid office:

  • Phone: 937-766-7866

Graduate students: Visit graduate admissions for costs and financial aid information for your program.

College Now students: Visit the College Now website for more information about financial aid.

Step 5: Order your books and other required course materials.

You should order your books at least 1-2 weeks before the course begins. Check your course syllabus to find out what books you will need. Then order your books from the Cedarville University Bookstore. Books can be mailed to you if you are unable to pick them up on campus.

Some courses require additional materials such as a lab pack or special computer hardware. Check your syllabus and be sure to buy any needed items ahead of time.

Step 6: Get your computer ready.

If you have a computer and up-to-date system requirements, you’re ready to take your online course.

  • First, be sure your computer has high speed internet access. Dial-up connections are insufficient for taking online courses. If you do not have access to high speed internet in your home, make arrangements for regular access to a place such as a friend’s house or the local library.
  • Next, obtain the most current version of one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer (version 8 or later recommended), Mozilla Firefox (version 3 or later recommended), or Apple Safari (version 5 or later recommended). Your online course websites will perform or run their best in one of these browsers. Outdated browsers may limit your access to course materials.
  • Become familiar with your Google Mail account and get into the habit of checking it frequently. This is where you will receive all correspondence related to your course.

Step 7: Access your course online.

Once the course starts:

  • Log into Moodle using your Cedarville username and password to access your online course or view Moodle Student Resources for an overview.
  • Visit your course's Online Classroom in Moodle to view instructions and assignments from your professor.
  • View student resources for tips and tools once you get started in your online class.