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Criteria and Responsibilities of Practice Sites

  1. About
  2. Accreditation
  3. Alumni
  4. Center for Pharmacy Innovation
  5. Current Students
  6. Experiential Program
  7. Facilities
  8. Faculty and Staff
  9. Gift Giving
  10. Pre-Pharmacy
  11. Pharm D
  12. Research

Practice sites, in general, should fulfill these criteria and responsibilities:

  • Be clean, organized, and well managed
  • Meet all state and federal laws related to the practice of pharmacy
  • Conduct patient care and business in an ethical manner
  • Have sufficient work volume to facilitate learning
  • Provide an adequate patient population based on the learning objectives for the rotation
  • Have a commitment to the education of pharmacy students
  • Have management that is supportive of professional staff involvement in the education of pharmacy students
  • Ensure support staff is receptive and helpful in the education of pharmacy students
  • Enable student activities and experiences that meet the learning objectives of the introductory and/or advanced experiential education courses
  • Ensure that the student has daily contact with the preceptor or a qualified designee to receive feedback and have opportunities to ask questions
  • Provide a site equipped with the technology needed to reflect contemporary practice and to support student training
  • Provide access to on-site and online learning resources
  • Have sufficient working space
  • Provide space for the student’s personal belongings
  • Provide time for the student’s breaks/lunch
  • Provide parking access
  • Execute a written affiliation agreement with the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy