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Online Preceptor Training Program

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Preceptor orientation and training programs and resources are supported by CUSOP and are provided to all preceptors through RxPreceptor. By consulting these resources, the preceptor will have more quality time for teaching pharmacy students and need less time to figure out the things needed to be a great preceptor.

Among these resources is a link to Preceptor Training and Resource Network of the Pharmacist’s Letter that is made possible by special arrangement for all CUSOP’s preceptors. The Preceptor Training and Resource Network provides a platform to easily connect pharmacists to teaching resources and preceptor training programs. The Network offers preceptor training C.E. and help, including sample assignments and projects, evaluation tools, orientation checklists, and more.

All preceptors not having previous precepting experience must complete training programs prior to accepting students at their respective practice sites. Experienced preceptors will find value in reviewing the materials, too.

The intent of these programs is to ensure a consistent philosophy through professional learning experiences, as well as augment the teaching and evaluation skills required of a preceptor. Preceptor training includes:

  1. Orientation to the school’s mission statement and curricular goals
  2. Outcomes expected of students, preceptors, and school
  3. Courses/rotations learning objectives and activities
  4. Expectations, communication, motivation, and effective teaching
  5. Evaluating student knowledge, behaviors, and performance
  6. Feedback, evaluation, and grading
  7. Dealing with difficult situations
  8. CUSOP policies, procedures, and other resources