Laura Cummings

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Laura Cummings


I’m a third-year graduate student from Bedford, IN. This year I’m a member of APhA-ASP (American Pharmacists Association--Academy of Student Pharmacists), the treasurer of PLS (Phi Lamba Sigma/Pharmacy Leadership Society), and the chair of RxConnections, a new organization that facilitates interactions among all 7 pharmacy classes through game nights and other events. I have an internship at CVS and love it! After graduation, I’d like to stay in retail pharmacy because I love the patient interaction and the variety of every day.

Favorite Places to Visit

  • Indianapolis Museum of Art garden
  • My grandma’s house

Why Cedarville?

Cedarville is a great choice for pharmacy school because of the rigorous academics and meaningful relationships with professors and peers. Our first class out on APPEs has demonstrated how well they’ve been prepared for practice by the professional program. Personally, I’ve appreciated the investment of professors into our lives to help us succeed academically and grow spiritually as individuals. We also have a tight-knit group of pharmacy students that spans the classes, which makes pharmacy school that much more fun.


  • Wallyball
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Catchphrase and other group games


Pharmacy is challenging, but really worth it! As Dr. Sweeney says, we won’t know our full potential unless we push the edge of what we think we’re capable of.