Katie Distel

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Katie Distel


My name is Katie and I am from Findlay, a little city in northwest Ohio. One of the biggest things I miss when I’m away from Findlay is the food options. We have pizza, bistros, an Irish pub, Lebanese food, Mexican food, sushi bars, and some great delis. I am a P1 and did my undergrad here at Cedarville. I am a member of APhA-ASP as well as RxConnections. I am also the class president of the P1 class. I have worked at Rite Aid Pharmacy for two years now. I would love to work in pediatric pharmacy after graduating. Regardless of where I work, though, I want to be a pharmacist who puts her patients first, investing in them and going beyond simply dispensing their medicine.

Favorite Places to Visit

My favorite places range from Colorado, where the air is clear and there are mountains on every side, to Hocking Hills, where I have camped every year for as long as I can remember, to my little hometown of Findlay, where there are more restaurants than I could eat at in a month. While I love these places for what they are, they are even more beautiful when my family is with me.

Why Cedarville?

Cedarville offers a unique environment that joins challenging academics, an encouraging atmosphere and a faith-centered environment. Since our pharmacy school is small and in its beginning years, there are many opportunities for students. There are so many ways for students to be involved, either in a big leadership position of an organization, or in a smaller role in a subcommittee or as a member of an organization. We also have many opportunities to be involved in community projects. Cedarville has developed an atmosphere of encouragement that is evident both in and outside of the classroom. Students want to see each other succeed which lends to creating the beautiful community that we have. Likewise, faculty and staff want to see students succeed and are encouraging and supportive. They know their students are capable of great things and push them to succeed and thrive.


My favorite hobbies are all over the place. I love:

  • Writing
  • Long distance running (I want to run a marathon with my dad—he’s done 7 so far)
  • Soccer
  • Coffee shop hopping with my best friends (I love locally-owned coffee shops!)
  • Reading
  • Watching my sister sing, dance and act
  • Watching football
  • Anything that has to do with superheroes


I think one of the best things I did for myself was to shadow pharmacists. My freshman year I wasn’t convinced pharmacy was where I needed to be. Up to that point, the only exposure I had to the profession was from the academic perspective. One of our professors helped me set up a shadowing opportunity at a children’s hospital the following summer and it was there that I fell in love with pharmacy. Whenever I get overwhelmed with school, I recall that experience and it gives me the motivation I need to keep going.