Megan Lawrence

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Megan Lawerence


I am a junior/Pre-3 student from small town in Kalamazoo, Michigan that is full of cornfields just like Cedarville.I currently work as a pharmacy technician in retail pharmacy and am loving the experience I’m getting through that. I have gotten involved with some outreach programs within the pharmacy program through a medical mission trip to Honduras with other pharmacy students and a faculty member from Cedarville’s SOP, and some local community service projects to assess ways in which healthcare providers can better serve their communities through education, raising awareness, and prevention techniques to chronic health problems. I am also a part of the RxConnections Leadership Team and OSHP-SSHP. I would like to end up as a pediatric pharmacist in a hospital clinical setting, but am still unsure and open to God’s leading.

Favorite Places to Visit

I love the beach! Seeing as how I am from the Great Lakes State, I always look forward to spending time with family and friends while enjoying the sunshine and water each summer.

Why Cedarville?

Cedarville felt like a home-away from home from the moment I stepped foot on the campus my sophomore year of high school while I was visiting for Little Sibs weekend. I loved the school instantly, and once I heard that they were starting a pharmacy program, I was hooked. When I came back my junior year for a more serious academic visit, I found even more aspects of Cedarville that affirmed the idea that God was leading me to come here. The classes were centered around being taught from a Christian perspective, so as to help you in your professional career to deal with the opposing views you might run into and how to look at them through a biblical lens. Even more, the preferred admission aspect of the undergraduate program has allowed for a community and friendship-building environment that is incomparable.

Being able to work together with the people you meet in class and help each other through classes without having to worry about edging each other out for a spot into the professional program in a few years has allowed me to make some life-long relationships with other future pharmacists. This concept along with Cedarville’s emphasis to help us students both academically and spiritually continually amazes me. There is always a sense of encouragement and support from the professors and students to let you know that you are never alone, even in the hectic times of life. This is priceless and I cannot imagine going through school without that kind of support by my side wanting to see me succeed.


I enjoy going on adventures with friends to the Indian Mounds to hike and explore, also lounging outside in my hammock reading and listening to music when I’m not studying.


As a high school student, my advice would be that as you look at the academic programs of the schools you are looking into, to look at the campus and learning environment in the process. College is going to be your home for the next 7 years, and although class is a huge part of that experience, the community you are getting into is another big aspect of your college experience. Making sure you feel at-home and are able to foster your spiritual life throughout these formative years is not a part of the decision to ignore.