Marty Eng

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Marty Eng, R.Ph., Pharm.D.

Professor of Pharmacy Practice


Dr. Marty Eng completed an American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacy-accredited Residency in Geriatrics Pharmacotherapy at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – School of Pharmacy in 2001 and continued for a subsequent year with Texas Tech to pursue further scholarship opportunities in Geriatrics. Dr. Eng was full-time faculty with the University of Kansas - School of Pharmacy for 10 years prior to his current position with Cedarville. He is certified in Geriatrics Pharmacotherapy, Psychiatrics Pharmacotherapy, and Dementia care.

Education and Credentials

  • Pharm.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Pharmacy
  • Specialty Residency - Geriatrics Pharmacotherapy - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Pharmacy
  • Advanced Geriatrics Specialty Residency - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Pharmacy

Scholarly Works

  • Epilepsy in the Older Adult (Timothy E Welty and Marty L. Eng) Pharmacotherapy Self Assessment Program (2011)
  • The Development and Psychometric Properties of the Bipolar Disorders Knowledge Scale (Trevor A Stump and Marty L. Eng) Journal of Affective Disorders (2018)
  • Tone and Style in Pharmacy Course Syllabi (Marty L. Eng, Jordan Nicholls and Lindsay Mailloux) Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning (2017)
  • Experience Applying the Pharmacist Learning Styles Inventory (PILS) to Experiential Clerkships as a Preceptor: A Reflection (Marty L. Eng) Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning (2013)
  • Making Peer Feedback an Effective Component of the TBL Instructional Strategy (Marty L. Eng and Sarah Lerchenfeldt) 17th Annual Team-Based Learning Collaborative Conference (2018)
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  • Interests: Fishing
  • Why Cedarville: I chose Cedarville so that I could be a part of a new program where I could use my experience in academia and serve students. It is a joy to see God's love in action in the lives of those we serve here. I also enjoy the fellowship and sense of community on campus. (The fish in the lake are great too!)