Denise Simpson

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Denise Jean-Louis, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Science


Dr. Simpson received her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica in 2005. After pursuing postdoctoral studies in medicinal chemistry at the University of Iowa and the University of Kansas, she joined the School of Pharmacy at Cedarville as an Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She also spent time working as a research scientist at Tanaud International B.V. (a subsidiary of Shire) where she focused on small molecule drug discovery.

Her publications span natural products isolation and semi-synthesis and the optimization of organic molecules possessing varied biological activities. Her research interests include natural product drug discovery and the preparation of biologically active small molecules. Dr. Simpson has co-authored several peer-reviewed manuscripts.  

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
  • B.Sc. in Chemistry and Food Chemistry, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, University of Iowa
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, University of Kansas


  • Favorite Places to visit: Port Antonio, Jamaica, and Toronto, Canada
  • Hobbies: Reading, music, basketball, track and field
  • Why I’m at Cedarville: It’s all a part of God’s plan!