Accounting for Business Executives

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Accounting serves the needs of both external and internal decision makers as they assess measure, communicate, evaluate, and change the financial position of an organization. We will discuss the theory and skills needed to interpret basic financial statements, considering a variety of standards, including GAAP, the AICPA and IMA codes of ethics, SEC requirements, and governmental requirements and how they align with the conceptual framework of accounting theory. We will also discuss cost behavior, costing systems, budgeting and variance analysis to support operational decision-making and the balanced scorecard to support strategic decision-making. Prerequisites: Undergraduate course or equivalent competency in Accounting I (Financial) and Accounting II (Managerial).

Academic Level:
Accounting [ACCT]
Terms Offered:
Term Sect Instructor Meeting Location/Days/Time Cap Used
2020FA 01 Dr. Paul Schloemer ONL
Dates: 08/17/20-12/11/20
18 0
2020SP 01 Dr. Paul Schloemer ONL
Dates: 01/06/20-02/21/20
18 2